Khane Sabz

product attributes:
  • flowers:4 scandis plant
  • This plant is a creeping plant and needs indirect light
  • Watering this plant every other day should be enough to wet the soil
  • Preparation time: 1 working days
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Khane Sabz, Plant Box of Polonia, Chamadora, Papital, Aglonema Marie, Pepromia

We can smell winter flower’s scent.

For seeing, listening… we have arts like: cinema, music or painting,

but what for smelling? smelling is kind of unconscious sense it feels and and activates all senses its beside flowers its come from the darkness from the depth of the history

Maybe winter’s flowers deserve more attention

Love is always green.

Green is color of rebirth.

Khane Sabz , which has like plants Polonia, Chamadora, Papital, Aglonema marie, Pepromia in it, is a symbol of freshness, prosperity and progress.

By giving Khane Sabz (green house) actually you give nature to dears.

Nazdik tries to satisfy you by giving high quality flowers, we promise you you will receive fresh and beautiful flowers


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