full body massage package

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  • period of time:Selectable (60 or 90 minutes)
  • kinds of massage:Swedish spa, Russian spa, relaxing spa
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Full body massage package

We have heard the word spa and massage many times. Space and service that contributes to relaxation and better physical condition.
Massage can be viewed from two perspectives. The first is massage therapy, which is considered therapeutic in terms of improving the condition of the disease and pain. The second perspective is relaxation and peacefulness of this activity. Massage is some movement of hands on body. These movements have a high impact on the nervous system, digestive system, muscles, blood circulation and skin. There are different types of massage therapy that you can use three models in the full body spa package.

Swedish massage therapy

Swedish spa is one of the best massage therapies and the first choice. This massage is included in the full-body massage package because it goes beyond the feeling of relaxation. Elevation of blood oxygen level with hand movements according to the flow of blood back to the heart is one of its features. Hand pressure in this massage is changeable. Gifting Swedish full body massage is suitable idea.

Russian massage

Russian massage is one of the therapeutic massages for rehabilitation and reduction of pain along with muscle flexibility.
Improves the function of the nervous and immune systems in the body along with easier breathing is feature of Russian massage.
You can use this massage to surprise your loved ones.

Relaxing body massage gives the sense of life

The purpose is using the relaxing body massage to restore more relaxation and balance.
Massage movements in this massage are done slowly and long. The purpose of this massage in this package is special features of your loved ones.

Sending service gifts to Iran

Expensive thing aren’t always useful and acceptable gifts. You can think more different and deeper to find a suitable option for sending gifts to Iran. For example by gifting voucher of spa and therapeutic services remind them you care about their health. This gift is so special and meaningful. We (Nazdik team) will do our best to make your loved ones happy.


60 min, 90 min


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