Flower Letter Box

product attributes:
  • Number of Roses in box:20
  • Dimensions:length 35 . width 25 . height 10 cm
  • Box material:wooden
  • Color of Roses:white , yellow , pink , red , blue
  • The color of Roses as an assumption is red
  • In order to deliver fresh flowers, it is possible to change the color and shape up to 30%
  • Preparation time is one working day
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


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We don’t choose our own names, but that name is always with us and we’ll deal with it for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we call each other by the first name, sometimes we summarize the same thing, and we call kind of shorten each other’s names. Whatever form we choose to do, usually the first letter doesn’t change any more. If we see somewhere, someone’s name is the same as our name, we’ll unconsciously stare at that name. It is possible that when we see other names if their first letter is the same as our name, it will attract our attention. If we see an abbreviation of a name that is close to the abbreviation of our name, we will probably be interested in what that name stands for. It’s going to have a certain curiosity on our name, and especially the first letter.

Flower Box of The First Letter of The Name

Because everyone’s name is special, there are some interesting things we can do. We can use the first letter of our loved ones’ names as an excuse to surprise them with a special flower box that has the shape of the first letter of their name. When our friend opens the rose box with the first letter of her name, she smiles on his face by smelling those flowers. The value of the Flower Letter Box is as special. The flower symbolizes our love. When it’s in the form of letters, it’s like we put our love in that box and give it to our friends.

Surprise With Flowers

We do not have to go far to surprise our loved ones with a Flower Letter Box. Because the Nazdik’s site is nearby, we can easily visit Nazdik via phone and laptop, choose the letter and leave the rest of the surprising work to a Nazdik. Nazdik’s team will send this beautiful gift at any time you want, from anywhere on the planet to anywhere in Iran. You can make this surprise more exciting. With or without coordination with your friend, if you want to film their reaction, Nazdik will do it at no extra cost. By the way, you can order a heart cake with this flower box to make your gift more special than before


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