Farsi’s Loghme kebab

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Sending Farsi’s Loghme kebab to Tehrn by “Nazdik”

Iranian table and loghme Kebab

Kebab is the most popular food in Iran.
This food came to Iran by the command of Naseredin Shah who was originally was originally
Caucasian. And by some changes it becomes to the Kebab that we have now.
Kebab is the most popular food in Iran from one century ago.

Serving Loghme kebab

Kebab is served in two ways.
With bread or rice. But it must be used Iranian rice because of it’s unique taste. The most
important kebab spice is sumac.
“Nazdik” will prepare you this unique combination for your loved one’s.

Farsi restaurant

Kebab is a kind of food that is important to where we have it.
Farsi is a place that you can order this food with no doubt.
Smell of Kebab is surprising and make anyone hungry.
We suggest Farsi’s Loghme Kebab to make your loved one’s happy.

Sending Farsi’s loghme Kebab with rice to Tehran

“Nazdik” chooses the best restaurants in Tehran. Then we will package it like a gift. And after that
we will send it to your loved one’s and make them happy.


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