Farsi’s Joje kebab

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Joje kebab

Joje Kebab (roast chicken) is so famous in Iran. Iranians eat this food in their ceremonies or if they are camping in nature. In every occasions this food is eaten and have lots of fans.
Joje kebak can make our days. And It’s fans are increasingly interested to eat this food. Any one else can marinate it in any way they want.

Cooking joje kebab

Johe kebab is cooking in different ways. Marinating the meat is the most important part. The chicken’s meat should be marinated with saffron, cream and kiwi. It would be perfect in this way.

Serving Farsi’s Joje kebab

Joje kebab is served in two ways. With and without bones. And you can have it with rice or bread.
Joje kebab with rice and tomato and limon would be perfect combination.

Farsi’s Joje Kebab

We prepared Farsi’s Joje kebab (which is without bones) with Iranian rice. A perfect food for your loved one’s.

Sending foods to Iran

Serving your dears Farsi’s Joje kebab judt by a click.
“Nazdik” provides this opportunity to surprise your dears in their homes by this delicious food.
They would be really surprised. You can’t imagine how interesting is sending foods from far away until you try it.


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