Farsi’s cherry with rice and chicken

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Sour cherry

Sour cherry is a delicious summer fruit which has lots of fans. Whether in the form of dried or jam or even in food. This charming and delicious fruit is so attractive.

Sour cherry with rice

Sour cherry with rice is a kind of foods that has It’s own fans. The sour taste of cherries with sugar and meat salinity makes a unique combination. If you haven’t tried it, we suggest you to try

A special food in summer

Some foods are great jn their season. In summer cherries are so suitable. Cherries with chicken and rice are perfect combinations. “Nazdik” suggests Farsi’s sour cherry with rice and chicken.

Farsi’s cherry with rice and chicken

This food is a kind of foods that the way of cooking is so important. I not it wouldn’t be delicious. So we decided Farsi’s cherry with rice and chicken because it has been cooked by the
most perfetional cookers.

Sending foods to Iran

By just one click you can invite the delicious summer cherry with rice to your lived one’s table.
They would be surprised and will be enjoyed of eating this food.


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