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wild roses bag, gift of chrysanthemums.

The popularity of wild roses in the world

all the people in the worlds knows rose flowers. This flower which the best kind of it is from Netherlands, naturally has more than 10 colors. In recent years, various methods have been invented to increase its color diversity. The popularity of this flowers caused greenhouse owners cut them in order to produce special colors.

Do flowers show our feelings?

Definitely You have heard that red roses are symbol of love. We usually see white roses in bride’s hands. This flower is symbol of purity and innocence. Similarly, other colors have their own meaning. Yellow rose means friendship and happiness. Pink rose means gentle feelings, joy and gratitude.

Why wild roses?

Nature has been a source of inspiration for human throughout history. We can’t compare the beauty of flowers which they are in nature and mountain with any flower bouquets. In recent years people find out that any thing is beautiful when it is natural. More natural more beautiful. Nazdik’s designers tried to gather wild roses naturally in order to save the beauty.

The best time for order this flower

As you know, Dutch roses are grown in greenhouses and they are four season plants. Therefore, you can order this flower in any time of the year.

Nazdik tries to attract your satisfaction by giving fresh and beautiful flowers. We promise that you will receive fresh and beautiful flowers and you will enjoy them.

Special gifts

For making your gift more special, you can add a music box to it. A music box is given as a gift in any occasions for many years. That’s a classic gift with nostalgic melodies.


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