Eternal Rose Music Box

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  • Music Box + Eternal Rose
  • Material:Wood and metal
  • Dimensions:13 x 18 x 12 cm
  • Preparation time:2 working days
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Eternal Rose Music Box

Love can come into being at a glance, but this love can become an eternal love. The love that everyone admires, because the lover doesn’t give up his love and will remain loyal to that love forever. Although the way of love may seem easy at first, staying in love is for true lovers.

You can take a symbolic look at the immortality of your love with the Eternal Rose Music Box. To make the beloved happy as a Valentine’s Day surprise, her birthday, or your dating day, you can give her this lasting gift. From the Nazdik’s website, you can send gift packages to Iran from anywhere on the planet. You can gift Hans Strawberry Cake to complete this memorable gift and enjoy that.

Eternal Love

Rose symbolizes love and the eternal rose evokes lasting love to the mind. Music is also the food of the human soul that makes its way through the hearing to your heart. Now you need to use these symbols to practice perseverance in love. The eternal rose and the sound of music that reminds you of your love do it for you and keep your love alive.

Contents of a gift package

When you hear a song that reminds you of your love, it makes you happy. In this gift, there’s a music box that can become this lovely feeling for you and your lover. Next to this music box is the Eternal Rose, which is different from ordinary flowers. The rest of the flowers have a short life. Flowers normally last five or six days. But the eternal rose is different, and this flower can last for a few years without water, dirt, and light. It is a unique feature of this flower that makes it different than others.


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