Eclair Macaron

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We all like sweets in Iran. But this interest is not just ours, and in many other places around the world, they fit sweets. It’s funny to know that there are the most famous confectioneries in France. For hundreds of years, the French have been known for their delicious pastries. French eclair brand is one of the famous confectionery brands. Eckler’s reputation is so great that it has reached Tehran, and now more than 10 years, they make all kinds of French sweets. Eclair French Confectionery has two branches located in Fereshteh and Niavaran streets in Tehran. Eclair itself is the name of a kind of French pastry similar to creamy sweet, which is named after this brand created. But most of all sweets, eclair macaron is famous. It is made with almond flour and different flavors in general. This sweet is so desirable from its appearance to its taste.

Sweets, A Constant Guest of Joy

In Iran, we celebrate good events with sweets. When we want to see the smile on other people’s faces, we tell them to sweeten their mouths. When the relationship of two people goes ahead of the early stages, we hold a ceremony which contains eating sweets. When we get good news and we want to show our happiness, we go for sweets. It all shows that confectionery is an inseparable part of our culture for good things to come. Eating sweets has a sweet feeling that can’t be understood until it tastes. It’s not just kids who are interested in sweets. At any age, young or old, we find many lovers who die for all kinds of sweets. This variety of sweets is growing every day, but all kinds of them are popular.

Sending sweets to Iran

The specificity of eclair’s macaron is not just about taste. The packaging of this pastry is so fascinating that you can give your loved ones a gift box of eclair macarons as a separate gift. If you’re craving a surprise with eclair macaron, you can do it by sending macarons for birthday presents from Nazdik’s website. But not everyone has access to French eclair sweets, many are not from Tehran and many others are not from Iran at all; What is the solution now?

We do something on Nazdik’s website that you can do this. You can order macarons from anywhere in the world and surprise your loved ones in Iran. You can complete this gift if you want with a restaurant voucher or flowers. And if you like, we’ll capture the sweetness of the moment that’s surprised with French sweets to give you a sweet memory.

Number in the box

2, 6, 12, 18


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