Eclair Saint Honore Cake

product attributes:
  • Cake Dimensions:Length and width 18.5 cm
  • Cake weight:about 1.2 kg
  • Ingredients:Puff pastry bread made with butter with Creme Patissiere is flavored. Then the Cream Puff was added on top of the cake and coated with flavored light cream. Finally, it is decorated with a caramelized Cream Puff with caramelized Creme Patissiere inside.
  • Brand:Eclair
  • Storing Method:In the refrigerator
  • Suitable for :6-8 people
  • Preparation time:one working day
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Eclair Saint Honore Cake

You can have a really good birthday party with a delicious cake. The tastier and prettier this cake is, the birthday party will be more memorable. So when you ask your guests later what’s most enjoyable for you, they’ll mention the cake they ate. You’ll remember the taste of such a cake. Remembering it comes with a smile on your face that it’s worth a lot. Now, if you want to make a special birthday cake for your loved ones, leave it to us on Nazdik’s website. We’ll make it possible on the Nazdik’s team to do surprises with St. Eclair Saint Honore Cake. If you’re abroad, you can send cakes to Iran from the famous Eclair brand. To order an Eclair cake in Iran, just register your request on Nazdik’s website and leave the rest of that to us. With this delicious cake, you can present the Relaxation Box and make your gift more beautiful with its fragrance flowers.

Eclair French Pastries

Eclair is one of Tehran’s famous confectionery brands that has branches in the Niavaran and Fereshteh districts. Eclair makes a variety of French pastries, using high-quality ingredients to make these sweets. Eclair branches will accept orders from you for your ceremonies. You can leave the sweets of your ceremony to them.

Getting to Know Eclair Cake

Saint Honore Cake, like other Eclair pastries, has a French origin. It’s a long history behind it and it’s from the 19th century. The cake is named after a French Christian cleric. This person was respected for those who made sweets, and that’s why they called it one of the sweets. They make this cake with puff pastry. They fill it with a special French cream called Creme Patissiere. They pour another cream called Shanti on the cake. Finally, they fill around the cake with creamy sweets that they caramelize.



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