An Exciting Entertainment for Kids

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An Exciting Entertainment for Kids

When kids can satisfy their curiosity about different jobs, they can find out what jobs they’re interested in later. That’s how they find new information about each job and their talents can be revealed. By doing so, we don’t force children to choose a specific job when they determine their career path. Because we can already identify their passion and talent to put them on the right way. If we ask children, what do you want to be when you grow up? Many of them say they want to be a doctor. What better way to get kids where they learn about the hospital and the medical profession at the same time as they have fun and excitement.

Kids’ Interest in Adult’s Jobs

The curiosity in children is so strong that with a lot of scrutinies, they like to understand anything. The children’s view of their surroundings is different from adults.  We may simply ignore many issues and not be curious at all. On the contrary, it’s this curiosity that makes kids persist in how different things work. If you see kids disassembling their pieces of toys, it’s not because they’re spoilers. It shows that curiosity is active in them and it’s going through its natural form. It’s the same with jobs, kids like to find out how people do their job. Children like to put themselves in the place of adults and experience role-playing.

Doctor Land is the name of a place that looks like the real hospital, but it’s made for children’s visits. Different parts of the hospital are simulated in Doctor Land. Dolls and replicas play the role of the patient, and the kids wear medical gowns and play the role of doctor and surgeon.

Visiting  Dr. Land

If you have children ages 3 to 14, you can take action and surprise them by inviting them to an exciting recreation as a special birthday present. Don’t doubt they’re excited that they’re going to a kids’ hospital, and the surprise with Dr. Land’s ticket is incredibly appealing to them. Because children can experience a whole new job. For example, play the role of a surgeon in the operating room and work with things that are of course safe for children.

Dr. Land’s complex is located on Darabad Street in Tehran. You can present them from the Nazdik’s site as a birthday gift for children visiting the place. By doing so, you will take a step in discovering their talents. Just try it and then you’ll see how excitedly the kids tell everyone about their scientific journey to Dr. Land how much fun they’ve had.


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