DaD Photo Frame

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  • Dimensions:20 x 30
  • Material:PVC
  • Preparation time:2 working days
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DaD Photo Frame

It’s impossible to forget the memorable moments that you have been spending happily together. The more spends time, the more memorable two-person experiences were. The images that are remembered from these events from the father’s lovely face are spectacular.

Now you can give him your father’s beautiful image as a gift. That’s how you choose a special gift for your loving father for the surprise of Men’s Day. You can order the photo frame from Nazdik’s website. If you don’t live in Iran, you can easily send gifts to Iran. It would be perfect if you order Ficus Vase gifts for your beloved father, along with this photo frame.

Capturing a Memorable Image

DaD Photo Frame gift made with father word letters. You choose two pictures of your favorite for this gift and send them to us. Then they are replaced by two letters D. These photos can be just your father’s picture. They can be just your father’s picture, or more creatively, one is your picture and the other is a picture of your father while both of you pointing at each other. You can take your photos for this frame any way you like. So that we can print them out for you and get them to father.

Father’s Sacrifices

Father is like strong support in your life that you can safely rely on as safe support. In every situation, the father tries to get your back. Even when you’re not careful about yourself or away from him, he’ll support you from afar. Father wants nothing more than that his child to live in peace and comfort. He’s willing to leave his joys to bring joy to his beloved child. You have to take this devoted man’s image and remind yourself of what a great blessing you have in your life.


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