Clove pot cake

product attributes:
  • Taste:chocolate
  • Contents:Chocolates and Cherries
  • Weight:2.7 kg
  • Size:diameter: 26cm height:17cm
  • Brand:Cook
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The special Clove potCake for your mother’s birthday or wedding anniversary or mother’s day.

In the last season every thing goes faster wish we could extend the time in order to it doesn’t finish

and goes slower that would be nicer

May be because of this we have a lot of ceremonies in the last season

Whether foreign or Iranian, whether ancient or modern

Try our cakes they have different tastes and they are always fresh

Madar e Mehraban Cake a delicious cake for thanking mother’s efforts

This cake would make unforgettable memories

This cake is prepared from from cook branches

Cooke is one of the best and most stylish pastry shops in Iran which produces more than 300 different products, including wet and dry sweets, desserts, ready-made cakes and custom cakes and desserts.

Any cake that you see in Nazdik is handmade we promise you that your received cake would be so similar to the photo that you have showed us

The purpose of Nazdik is making you and your dears happy


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