Chocolate Box

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  • inside the heart shape box:KitKat, Nutella and other kinds of chocolates
  • the heart shaped size:dimension: 25cm height: 7cm
  • heart shape helium balloon:2 heart shape helium balloon
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  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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A box of Chocolate would be the best gift for valentine day

14th of February is valentine day the day that all people shout their love

although we don’t need a day to show our feeling

anyway valentine day is the best and special occasion for celebrating with your love

there’s different ways to shape your feeling

giving gifts is a way to show your love to your loved one

gifts are sounds of our feeling

you can surprise your loved one with a box which is full of chocolates

chocolates are suitable for people in any ages

we gathered all delicious chocolates in an attractive boxes

chocolate box, in a shape of heart with romantic design full of Kit Kat, Nutella, snickers and…

Nazdik wish you to have a good time in valentine day


special gifts

from depth of shouts

nothing besides me

weren’t bigger than you

that your heart

is small and in love

like an butterfly

Ahmad shamloo

special gifts

for making your gift memorable you can add it a music box Music box is given in many occasions for ages a classic and memorable gift with nostalgic melodies when you’re choosing this gift from (optional gifts) please write your favorite melody in explanation part

  • Happy Birthday
  • Leon
  • Fur Elise
  • Bella ciao
  • Shahzadeye Roya
  • To Ey Pari

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