Aramesh Box

product attributes:
  • flowers:20 roses, 7 Alstroemerias
  • the upper line:20*20 cm
  • the bottom line:16*16 cm
  • height:25 cm
  • final dimensions:by adding flowers, the height increases to 40cm and the width to 22cm
  • balloons:4 helium balloons
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Aramesh Box, box of Roses and Alstroemeria

It remaining to melting snows.

We can smell winter flower’s scent.

For seeing, listening… we have arts like: cinema, music or painting

but what for smelling? smelling is kind of unconscious sense it feels and and activates all senses its beside flowers its come from the darkness From history

Maybe winter’s flowers deserve more attention.

Flowers are best gift for any situations if you’re looking for special gift for special person give him or her flower.

Aramesh box combination of Alstroemeria and roses.

Any flowers has it’s own meanings.

Alstroemeria are symbol of friendship, protecting and loving each other.

Pink roses are symbol of gentleness, frankness and purity.

By gifting Aramesh Box to your dears show how much you love them.

Nazdik tries to satisfy you by giving high quality flowers, we promise you you will receive fresh and beautiful flowers.

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  • Happy Birthday
  • Leon
  • Fur Elise
  • Bella ciao
  • Shahzadeye Roya
  • To Ey Pari

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