Avli Restaurant

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  • Location:Andarzgoo boulvard
  • Expiry Date for Vouchers:2 Month
  • Default Breakfast Menu:A breakfast plate with choosable beverages
  • Default Lunch/Dinner :One main course, appetizer, salad, drink, and dessert
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Avli Cafe and Restaurant, a Modern Design of Memories

Having ceremonial meals is the best reason for a family period and family reunions. That’s why we need a family-worthy party. Avli is one of Tehran’s good cafes and Restaurants that has this special feature. Servicing in this restaurant is done for your family and dear ones with the best quality. There are a lot of things at Avli’s Restaurant. You can see the Tropical Plants in decoration and enjoy the high quality of its meals. This restaurant is located in the north of Tehran. Also, the interior decoration of this restaurant has a classic and modern style. A party at this restaurant will become a memorable gift.

Avli-Style Banquet

There are days in our lives when we miss our dear ones. The days that we miss our family members laughing the most. These days, are good reasons for an unexpected gift. However, sending gifts to Iran from another country is already an occasion. Because of this feeling, we need a special occasion for our family and friends. We need to make our dear ones feel good and happy. Give your dear ones a good sense of attention and love with the Avli Restaurant banquet. Birthday surprises or family reunions can be provided from far away from home. A ceremonial meal for a lovely surprise at Avli restaurant completed a memorable night.

Avli restaurant banquet gift can be combined with the beauty of flowers of love. There’s no difference if it’s a Daffodils Bouquet or a Love Box. Even Zamioculcas Zamiifolias Vase is a beautiful gift on this night.

Sending a Banquet Gift to Iran

Sending gifts to Iran is not specific to the day and time. Even sending flowers to Iran is not related to a particular gender or religion. Sending Christmas gifts to Iran or gifts of nuts and sweets Yalda night is still the same. the Nazdik’s team sends gifts all over Iran and tries to provide the most diverse gifts for your dear ones.


Breakfast, Lunch & diner


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