Aralia vase

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  • dimension:the height with vase is 50 cm
  • dimension of the vase:height 30 cm and diameter 15 cm
  • material of the vase:pottery
  • the color of the vase:gray
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Aralia vase

Aralia vase is from the Araliaceae family. It has beautiful leaves. Aralia is alsways green. Aralia vase is one of the shrubs with claw-shaped and wide leaves. Aralia flower is suitable for keeping in the apartment because it is an apartment and can be kept indoors. This flower is a suitable for gifting because of the beautiful appearance that it has. Sending flowers to Iran will be more interesting by this vase. This vase has many different other kinds.

The Araliaceae family

The Aralia is symbol of growing up and living. Because of that it’s a special gift. By this gift your loved one can keep the plant. That’s mean life. Iranian loves the things that gives them sense of living. We all heard that books are the best gifts. But a gift that you can keep it and live with it till it grows up is something very special. This kind of gifts are suitable for moms and dads. But if you want to give a gift to anyone we suggest this flower.

Sending flowers to Iran

Buying online the flower and sending flower to Iran is easily possible. by some simple clicks you can surprise your dears. By sending flowers and a cake to your loved one’s you can make a fantastic memory for them. Sending gifts in highest quality is our job. No matter where you are, by Nazdik you can easily surprise your dears.

Surprise with Aralia vase

Birthday surprise mustn’t be an expensive gift. A special and memorable gift is not necessarily expensive. Aralia vase is such a special gift. This flower is a good choice for gifting your dears.
By using the most freshest flowers and working with the best producers we guarantee the quality of our products.


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