Ameh Leila Samanu

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Ameh Leila Samanu

Samanu is one of the Haft-sin of Nowruz. If you’re a fan of this delicious dessert, you can’t ignore even a little bit of samanu in the dish. Samanu’s cooking, of course, has its tricks that not everyone knows. Ameh Leila Samanu is one of the most famous brands of Samanu in Iran. From the Nazdik’s website, you can order Ameh Leila Samanu as a special Nowruz gift and have a New Year’s Eve surprise for your loved ones. You can count on us on the Nazdik team to send Nowruz gifts. If you’re abroad, you can send Samanu to Iran.

Nuts are another delicious dish at the Nowruz party. That’s why you can order the Tavazo Nuts with Ameh Leila Samanu and send it to your loved ones.

Samanu Properties

Samanu is made with wheat germ extract and whole wheat flour. But the sweetener isn’t used in it, and the sweet taste of Samanu comes from a combination of wheat-based ingredients. This dessert has vitamins like A, E, K, and B1 to B12. Phosphorus, zinc, copper, fiber, and iron are in Samanu, each of which has beneficial properties for the human body.

Getting to Know Ameh Leila’s Brand

The main products of this brand include Samanu and pickles. Ameh Leila’s brand name comes from Ms. Leila Yousefi’s name. Ameh Leila made Samanu nearly a century ago in Tehran from an early age and earned money this way. Over time, Ameh Leila’s Samanu gained fame everywhere in Tehran. Ameh Leila’s brand has been familiar to people for nearly half a century, not only in Tehran but everywhere in Iran. It’s become so famous that even other countries have become fans of this old brand. In this way, Ameh Leila’s traditional Samanu has gained worldwide fame. Maintaining the brand’s quality is the reason why it remains popular even after Ameh Leila’s passing away.


نیم کیلو, یک کیلو, یک و نیم کیلو, دو کیلو


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