A Room of One’s Own

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  • Author:Virginia Woolf
  • Translator in Persian:Safura Noorbakhsh
  • Number of Pages:160
  • Publisher:Niloofar
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A Room of One’s Own Book

Love is in the mother’s heart at the highest possible level for mankind. Men can’t even imagine the tolerance that women have in the face of suffering. God has done the woman’s creation in the best way. So this creature of God, like everyone else, deserves to be honored and respected.

For women to value themselves more, they need to know themselves better. That’s how women can find their true place in society. So you can give your wife the A Room of One’s Own Book, a book about women as a woman’s day present. You can make this gift, one of Ms. Virginia Woolf’s most famous books, through the Nazdik’s website. You can give your beloved a Geranium Pot with A Room of One’s Own Book.

About Women

You may have heard that women are half the world’s population. But no one says half of the world’s population is men. It’s like these halves are different and men are more important! Women in many societies were deprived of minimum human rights. A Room of One’s Own Book specifically deals with a creature called a woman. The author of this book tries to say about equality between women and men. Until women have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

Getting to Know Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf was born in London in the late 19th century. This writer, in modernism, has written books that are still fascinating after a century. The content of. Woolf’s famous book, such as A Room of One’s Own Book, is about women and restrictions on their rights. Woolf’s father was also a writer, but she had a difficult childhood. She lost her mother very soon and her stepbrother abused her as a teenager. That’s why he’s written far deeper and more influential books.


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