A Calm Romance Book

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  • Author:Nader Ebrahimi
  • Publication:Roozbahan
  • Language:Persian
  • Publish Year:1399
  • Book Size:Chemise
  • Number of pages:239
  • Print Number:58
  • Length:21 cm
  • Width:14.8 cm
  • Weigh:287 g
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A Calm Romance Book

When you say love things to your lover and you stare at her face and your world is summed up in his eyes. When you fall in love. It’s like time stops and it sees you.

“I said, Love, I don’t know what it is. I’m inexperienced. I’m new. I don’t know if it’s love or anything like that. I just, want it from the bottom of my heart. This kind of wanting, it can be love.”  Nader Ebrahimi, somewhere in the book A Calm Romance Book, says.

The Book of A Calm Romance Book is a famous romance novel by Nader Ebrahimi. If you’re going to give a book to your friend or beloved, you should know that it’s a different romantic gift for her. You can order this book from anywhere in the world from the Nazdik’s website. Send gifts to Iran with the Nazdik’s website. You can also order the Sun Vase gift and give it to the one who brings brightness to your life.

Getting to Know to the Book Subject

The book A Calm Romance Book was first published in 1374 and has been popular for many years, so it’s constantly being reprinted. Much of the story of this book takes place in 1357 and around the revolution of Iran. Sometimes you get involved in everyday life and its repetitions. It affects your love life and the love reduces in your life. This story tells you not to let love become a habit for you.

Nader Ebrahimi: A Versatile Writer

Nader Ebrahimi was the creator of many books that are still popular after several years of publication. He lived for 72 years. This contemporary writer of our country has written numerous novels for adults. He also wrote a lot of books for children. In addition, he has been involved in screenwriting and created beautiful scenarios. Mr. Nader Ebrahimi was also a poet and translated several titles.


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