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  • this gift includes:wall tableau, tablecloth, a glass of granola
  • wall tableau, tablecloth:dimensions: 25*20
  • granola:Hazelnut chocolate weighing 360 grams
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“Can’t explain you” gift package for appreciating teachers.

Who is teacher?

It’s hard to write and explain about teachers. teachers are not mother. But they have huge sense of kindness like mothers. Teachers are not father. But they protect us like a father.

This photo frame is a small gift for the lovely teachers who tried to make us grow up.

Teacher’s position

Teachers have many impacts on our life. So, appreciating them is so important.

“Can’t explain you” a gift for appreciating teacher’s efforts.

“Can’t explain you” gift package

12th of Ordibehesht is teacher’s day in Iran. The reason of this naming is martyrdom of Dr.Morteza Motahari, who was a perfect teacher. But international teacher’s day is 15th October.

Nazdik’s designers tried to make this gift for appreciating teacher’s efforts. We hope to you transfer love and sense of closeness by this gift.

You have opportunity to make this gift personalized by adding wished picture.



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