سورتمه دربند

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Darband Sled

Sometimes we caught up in routine life, sometimes we get bored and want to avoid repetition. At such times, there are fascinating solutions with which we can inject excitement into our veins. The excitement that can hold our breath in our chests. we can find exciting work in air sports. The reason for making these entertainments is to drain the energy and experience the moments in which the adrenaline level of our blood wants to reach its peak. That’s why when we spend a few minutes on these hobbies, our inner excitement is drained. It gives us a light, sensory feel as if we’re walking on the clouds!

Adrenaline Peak on Sled

One of these exciting aerial entertainments is located in the Darband area of Tehran. Darband sled is located in Golabdareh Park, which is Tehran’s second-highest park. The height of this sled reaches 850 meters. When you get on the sled, no propulsion’s going to get you moving from up there. It’s the design of the sleigh spiral path so that you just move downwards spontaneously with the gravity of the Earth and speed up.

You can control the speed of the sled in this free fall with the brake lever. Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed with the excitement of sleigh movement in the spirals and jumps on its way. Because another brake automatically controls the speed of the sled so that it does not exceed 40 km. Regarding the safety of the sled, you should know that its design is such that it does not detach from the rails at all, and you fasten it to the sled with a belt. As a precaution, a fall protection safety net covers all the way around to prevent unforeseen events.

Surprise With an Exciting Fun

A different gift to surprise your friends is to get them a sleigh ticket and make them a thriller. The Nazdik’s site made it easy for you to do that. You register your order here as many as you like and Nazdik will send the voucher to your friends. They also coordinate with the Nazdik team whenever they like to go to this complex in Tehran highlands and enjoy it at a certain time and day. To complete the gift, you can also order Sky Lounge restaurant – lunch buffet of Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. So that your friends enjoy a delicious meal in northern Tehran after sledding


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