We believe that our products are a mirror of us in front of you

Our products are produced by us!
But we don’t produce everything…
We produce feelings, memories and sense of closeness.
As you enjoy of reading a poem or listening to a lovely music and there is sign of the singer in song, we are highly associate in providing our products and it’s like they have produced by us.
If they were, we would not have taken responsibility for our products and services and we would not have been proud of their quality.
Nazdik’s services are full of feeling.
We care a lot to our packing to be different and personalized which shows that we care a lot about gifting.
Respect to the opinion of the customer is such that everything in Nazdik is near to your taste.
In Nazdik we want to make memories… a sentence, a picture would make your gift more memorable.

Nazdik helps you if you have any mental image of giving a gift to a loved one – in all details! happens in reality.

Unit 8, NO 2, 12th Alley, Sarafraz St, Beheshti Av, Tehran, Iran

+98 21 88 54 23 44     +98 937 207 33 33

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خیلی دور، خیلی نزدیک

روی شما حساب کرده ایم تا بهترین باشیم... ​

خیلی دور، خیلی نزدیک

مجموعه نزدیک طوری طراحی شده که از هر جای دنیا برای کاربرانش این امکان را فراهم سازد تا هدایای خود را به دست عزیزانشان در ایران برسانند. زمان تقریبی مطالعه و پاسخ کامل به این پرسشنامه 3 دقیقه است. از اینکه این فرصت را به ما می دهید متشکریم و نیز از بابت تشکر در انتها کد تخفیف ویژه ای را برای شما مخاطب عزیز تدارک دیده ایم.

روی شما حساب کرده ایم تا بهترین باشیم...